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My goal is to care for you like family.  The best part of my job has always been getting to know my patients and their families.  By switching to the Direct Care model, I look forward to having more time to spend with my patients and to discuss their health needs in a relaxed setting which allows us to be more complete and without worrying about insurance interference.


Pay as you go



Pay visit to visit.  This is the best option for those on a tight budget who might already have insurance for higher cost healthcare needs but still wish to be seen at this clinic.



Eureka Family Health and Wellness

Join Dr. Carvey's direct primary care for better access. This improved access manifests itself in 1 hour office visits, same-day or next-day appointments (usually possible), text or phone-based provider contact, and occasional home visits when needed.  Pricing is based on age.



Core Healthcare


Does your current insurance plan have a high premium and deductible?  Consider Northwest Montana's healthcare co-op CORE HEALTHCARE.  This plan includes local providers for: PCP,PT/OT, dental, mental health,imaging, lab, and pharmacy. You can designate Dr. Carvey as your PCP.



Zion Healthcare


    If you don't currently have coverage for higher cost items or your plan is costing you too much, consider adding ZION HEALTH to your Core Healthcare plan to help cover those higher cost or unexpected medical needs. By pairing the two, you get comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.