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 Please explore our site to find out more about direct primary care options in NW Montana, health share co-ops, and leaving the medical bureacracy behind...


"My goal is to care for you like family.  The best part of my job has always been getting to know my patients and their families.  By switching to the Direct Care model, I look forward to having more time to spend with my patients and to discuss their health needs in a relaxed setting which allows us to be more complete and without worrying about insurance interference." - Dr. Carvey
Eureka Family Health & Wellness is a growing Direct Primary Care practice located north of Eureka. Along with Direct Primary Care services, we offer DOT physicals, hormone replacement including pellet therapy, and functional medicine consults. We are affiliated with Core Healthcare, a local membership-based healthcare system working to provide a solution to the dysfunction of the current healthcare system and improving the health of its members.


Monthly Clinic Membership



Monthly Membership rate is based on your age.

0-17 years old is $25

18-49 years old is $50

50+ years old is $75

  See the tab "Welcome/About/Pricing"

for benefits of becoming a clinic member.


Core Healthcare


Does your current insurance plan have a high premium and deductible?  Consider Northwest Montana's healthcare co-op CORE HEALTHCARE.  This plan includes local providers for: PCP,PT/OT, dental, mental health,imaging, lab, and pharmacy. You can designate Dr. Carvey as your PCP and your monthly membership to her clinic is included in your Core Healthcare monthly premium.



Zion Healthcare

If you are interested in Core Healthcare but need coverage for higher cost items (CT, MRI, specialist visits, surgery), consider adding ZION HEALTH to your Core Healthcare plan. By pairing the two, you get comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.  Zion Health is available as a stand alone catastrophic plan as well if your current high deductible insurance plan is costing you too much.